Crystal apple dish...

Many years ago I was a U.S. Postal carrier. Yes, I was a mail lady. I enjoyed walking outside and seeing and chatting with my customers yet going to work early on a Saturday morning made me sad. Walking up to a customers door step and hearing the cartoons on the television and smelling bacon cooking for breakfast made my heart hurt, because I wanted to be at home with my family. I was thankful for the secure and good paying job with great benefits. It helped me support my daughter and myself for many years. I was always trying some outside gig to help me eventually and hopefully leave my post office job because it wasn’t my passion. 

One of those side gigs was being a Princess House Consultant. When I joined, the previous Hostess gift was a beautiful apple crystal dish. It was about 5” tall. The lid was the 1/4 top of an apple with the apple stem as the handle. I thought it was beautiful and I wanted one. As a Consultant, we would buy a Kit and it would come with the Hostess gift for that period of time. Unfortunately, I missed the apple crystal dish by weeks and there were none left. I was never able to get my hands on one. That dish and experience always stuck with me. Not sure why I liked that dish so much, but I did. 

Fast forward several years, by this time I had resigned from the Postal Service after 14.7 years and I was no longer a Princess House Consultant. I’d started a Personal Assistant service and was much happier. More freedom and I still had customers to serve and interact with and offering services I enjoyed doing. 

One year on Christmas day, I had left my in-laws earlier than my husband and just before the gift exchange. I remember driving home happy as can be, enjoying the beautiful views of the mountains and valleys as I listened to music loudly in my husband’s truck. The next morning I woke up and headed down the hallway towards our dining room, as I got closer to our dining room I couldn’t believe what I saw sitting on our dining table pointing my way, sitting on the table as if it was waiting for me to wake up. As if it were Christmas morning once again. I stood there, my mouth open, stunned. I stopped about a foot away from it. Staring at it in utter shock and confusion. How?! What?! Where?! It was a crystal apple dish. It was as though I was a child on Christmas morning. Shocked I had been given a gift I had wanted for years. Surprised by it’s arrival. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was as though God/Spirit said, “good morning sunshine, Merry Christmas! Here’s something you’ve been wanting.” I walked over to my husband and asked, “what’s this? Where did it come from?” he replied, Linda and Reggie gave it to us, you left before the gift exchange.” I told him my story about wanting the Princess House apple crystal hostess gift for years and never being able to get one. Linda and Reggie had given us the essence of the Princess House crystal apple dish I had longed for. It wasn’t Princess House but it sure looked like the one I had wanted. I hadn’t gone looking for it and yet here it was. I was in utter shock and aw of what had just happened. I instantly called my sister-in-law and told her my story and she said to me, “we were shopping and I saw the dish and thought it was pretty and asked Reggie if he thought Stephanie and Louie would like it? he said, “yeah I think so, get it for them” and so I bought it. You need to thank Reggie, it wasn’t me.”

Later that day and the days to follow I thought about how I’d been feeling prior to the beautiful surprise manifestation. How had I been feeling? What had I been doing? I know I had been feeling good. Spending time with my family and in-laws on Christmas day. Doing my best to focus my attention on thoughts that felt better and looking for things to appreciate such as driving home Christmas night blasting the radio. Feeling so amazing listening to music and singing along to the songs I liked and taking in the beauty of the mountains and view as I left Ramona and drove through Poway and descended down from the mountains. It was beautiful and I was happy! Prior to Christmas, I had been doing my best to practice feeling good as often as possible in one way or another.

It was amazing, after all those years, out of the blue pops out what I wanted. It’s not as though I thought about it all the time. It was something I greatly desired years ago and never got, and than circumstances and events occurred to bring about the full manifestation of it. That’s the funny and awesome thing about Spirit and the Universe, when and how something will come about often isn’t known to us. Maybe as human being’s we’re not supposed to know. It would take all the mystery, intrigue and delight out of living our lives. If we knew everything that was going to happen, when it was going to happen and how it was going to happen life would get pretty dull. So again, the Universe and Spirit are magnificent. 

We are so deeply loved and provided for. What I continue to be reminded of more and more, is that my job, my only job, is to feel as good as I can, as often as I can, for as long as I can. To know that we are deeply loved and provided for. Always. That Spirit always wants the very best for us and that the Universe is explicitly abundant and therefore so are we. When we practice and come to believe that, our lives will be as sweet as a tree ripened orange on a beautiful Spring morning. 

P.S. as I post the images together I realize that the dish that Spirit gave me is prettier and nicer than the one I originally wanted. So like Spirit to give an upgrade on a desire. LOL!

Much love and joy to you! 

Princess House Apple Crystal Dish

Princess House Apple Crystal Dish

The beautiful Apple Crystal Dish gift Spirit chose for me via my sister-in-law Linda.

The beautiful Apple Crystal Dish gift Spirit chose for me via my sister-in-law Linda.