Rugged Maniac 5K Mudrun

Never grow old, stay young at heart

I recently signed up to run my first ever Rugged Maniac 5K Mudrun in November 2019. It has 25 obstacles. It’s a part of my vision to get into better shape and I thought what a cool way to celebrate my life. In September I will turn 55. It always amazes me how Spirit brings about my vision in ways I never would have imagined possible. 

One morning I was downtown having just dropped off my husband at work and I thought, “oh my God I can do the stairs at the Convention Center.” I love doing stairs! Ever since then I’ve included stairs into my training workouts. I began using the C25K App to train for this Rugged Maniac Mudrun. Luckily Higher Power gave me plenty of time to train.

A few weeks later my husband and I were at the Fashion Valley Mall which has lots of stairs since it’s a two story mall and there’s a AMC Theatre who has $5 Tuesday movies all day so I like going to this mall to take advantage of both stairs and a good movie at a great price. We went on a Tuesday to see “the Mule” with Clint Eastwood. Highly recommend it. The theatre has two floors and our showing was on the bottom floor. It just so happened that the escalator going up to one of the floors was broken and they were guiding people to use the elevator. 

As we left the theatre the line for the elevator was pretty long and the escalator was right behind us. I looked over at it giving thought to running “up” the escalator that was going down. The man behind me must have read my mind because he say’s to me, “I did it when I was a kid.” I thought to myself it can be done. So I walked over to the escalator to evaluate the situation. I knew I couldn’t do it with my purse and bag I brought so I stepped back and asked my husband to hold it for me. Then I walked back over to the escalator. I can only imagine what my husband was thinking at this time, “no way is she going to do that.” As the steps continued to disappear into the floor I waited to see when I could best take my first step onto the disappearing staircase. I found it and took it and began to run up the transcending stairs with all my might. About half way up I looked ahead to see if I was making headway and much to my delight I was, so I knew I could do it. I put my head down and kept running up the moving steps. I finally made it to the last step and happily stepped onto solid ground. Whew! I did it!!! Yay me!!!!!!!! Hell Yes! I’m awesome!! My heart pounding in my chest, I turned around to see my husband within seconds take his leap onto the ever disappearing staircase. I saw my purse swinging in the air as he trotted quickly up the revolving staircase. As he moved towards the top I thought,  “yeah, he’s in great shape.” He reached the landing where I stood and he said, “I can feel my heart beating out of my chest” We were both so happy we did it and within a second of my husband reaching the top next to me the friendly gentleman who stood behind me saying, “I did it when I was a kid” bravely followed us. Amazing! He came trotting up the escalator and reached us with his heart beating possibly faster than it had in a long time. We all three stood there on the platform with our hearts pumping strong and I high-five’d them both and then all three of us simultaneously high-five’d each other. It was the best feeling ever. I felt strong. I felt alive. I felt immense pride. 

As the three of us rode up to the next level I looked back at our new friend and said, “and that’s why we’ll never get old, because we do stuff like that.” As we reached the top level my husband said to me, “you rugged maniac!” Yeah! There it was, I wanted to be acknowledged by him. I later asked him, “what were you thinking as I ran up the escalator?” He replied, “I can’t let her show me up.” Ha ha! He didn’t want to do it, yet because I went for it he wasn’t going to not do it. It was so awesome.

We don’t grow old because we get older, we grow old because we stop doing things that the wonderful child within us loves to do.  

I love stairs. It’s a fun way to get and stay in shape.

I love stairs. It’s a fun way to get and stay in shape.