The better it gets the better it gets...

This is the big sell for doing the “feeling better” work. Today has been amazing, one thing after another. It was lovely and it all began this morning, when I stepped out of bed to use the bathroom. In the past, my first thought was a negative thought. A thought that I’d thought many times when I first woke up and began to put one foot on the floor. A thought that felt bad to me yet it had become a habit. A bad habit. A habit that didn’t serve me and it wasn’t until I decided to pay greater attention to how my thoughts felt that I noticed I had this one reoccurring thought first thing in the morning. So I decided to replace it with a better feeling thought such as, “I am thankful for our beautiful view”. We have french doors that look out into our fabulous backyard that I have fondly nicknamed “my oasis of joy”. And so I say, “I am thankful for our beautiful view” and on I go. It’s been several weeks now and I realized this morning that it’s becoming a habit. A good habit. And so that was the beginning of my good day. I did most of my usual morning routine. A lot of it occurs before I get out of bed. First thing, I meditate. I’ve been doing this Insight Timer (phone app) 20 minute meditation called “Law of Attraction and Abundance”. Love it! Then on to appreciation, prayer and setting my intention for the day. This morning happened to be the day where I give myself a coaching session. I hired myself about 18 months ago and I give myself a coaching session once a week, four times a month. It’s amazing. I know it sounds funny but it’s badass. I brag, (something us women don’t do enough of) I’m an awesome coach. Btw, my coaching session today left me feeling fantastic! As law of attraction would have it some incredible momentum was created by 11:45 am. Then, off to co-work with a friend I used to co-work with regularly yet we haven’t in a while so I’m excited and happy to see her. Work side by side and write on my stories and do other business items needing to be done. 

I showed up at Twiggs coffee shop to co-work with my sweet friend who for the stories sake I shall call Tonya. We catch up a little before I begin to work. I’m feeling pretty damn good now having pre-paved my day. About an hour and a half goes by and Tonya had stepped outside to stretch her legs. I’m working on one of my stories and I hear a man say, “Miss Orlina”. I look up and it’s a nicely dressed attractive man who I don’t recognize. He smiles at me and says again, “Miss Orlina”. I’m thinking, he knows my last name, do I somehow know him through my husband? I say yes and he says to me Dan, Dan B (I have changed his name as well). Still not registering until it does a huge smile of surprise and delight covers my face and I remember where I know this man from. Oh my God, I met Dan over a year ago while eating breakfast on a lovely Sunday morning in Pacific Beach. I had gone there to celebrate some major work achievements I had recently accomplished. We sat near one another and we struck up a conversation. Dan being as friendly and open as I we had a lovely chat about life and business. He told be about his “informational interview” work he’d created from reading a book he to this day cannot remember the name of. At the time I felt it was a gift from God, the next tool I could utilize in the continued growth of my business. He gave me his contact info and told me he’d send me the documents he had created. I had stayed in touch with him ever since, doing my best to practice what he suggested in his material, which is to stay in regular monthly contact. 

Dan asked if he could join me for a moment and I said, of course please sit down. He started to sit across from me and I motioned him to bring his chair closer to where I was sitting. I couldn’t believe it, here I was at Twiggs, I hadn’t co-worked here in over a year. Dan had never been to this coffee house yet had been near by and wanted some coffee. He walks in and there I am sitting writing about my stories of life and how Spirit does for us amazing things on the regular and in this very moment Spirit is surprising and delighting us both. WOW! Another story. I couldn’t believe I was sitting across from Dan. He looked really good. He had mentioned to me in his last email that he’d lost many pounds and was feeling and looking good. We chatted, catching up on the latest and all I could do as I sat across from him was beam with joy by what was happening. I had just been thinking of Dan, for a couple of reasons. I’d been reading books by Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, and considering one of the ways I would create passive income was to purchase rental properties for positive cash flow. I knew Dan was in commercial real estate and wanted to chat with him about real estate in general. Also, it’d been awhile since I last emailed him and it was time to check in. Wow, Spirit made the phone call for me and actually decided to make it a sit down meeting. LOL! I was buzzing with delight. We hadn’t seen each other in person since the first day we met and here we now were “out of the blue” sitting across from each other catching up. I was feeling good before yet now I was over the moon with delight. WTBleep?! I love Spirit, God, Higher Power. How the Universe will surprise and delight us in ways we would never imagine AND all we need to do is do the “feeling better” work. Help ourselves be in the receptive mode, allowing the good to arrive and in this case, keep arriving. We went back and forth talking about what was going on. Then I asked him about real estate and what he does. He shared his story with me. His work history since college. We’re about the same age, in our 50’s. I got some info for real estate. Which was great. Tonya walked back in and I introduced them to one another. I believe Tonya was the first person I had shared Dan’s informational interview documents with. She had enjoyed reading and using his material and found it to be very helpful in growing her influential contacts. Dan had so graciously said to me, “please share them with anyone you’d like”. So it was a privilege to introduce them to one another. By the way this was something else I had been wanting, for these two to meet. They chatted briefly and Dan and I returned to our conversation. Man was  I happy! Did I tell you that already? LOL! My good feeling mood had compounded by the events that were unfolding before my very eyes. I never in a million years would have imagined this happening today in this way. That’s HP! Dan’s cell phone had been buzzing throughout our conversation and he kept pushing it away, he finally said, “ok, I’ll tell you the drama, the upset that is going on in my life today”. He proceeded to share it all with me. It was pretty emotional stuff and he teared up as he told me. I reached my hand out to console him. I won’t divulge here what he said. I will say, it would rock anyone of our worlds. I gave him some words of encouragement as well as saying that the young person in his life was lucky to have him. A good man, and his wife who I knew had to be amazing to have married him. That now this person could get the support they had been needing.

He needed to leave so I said I would walk out with him. We chatted a little more outside. I wanted to be as supportive and kind as I could. I knew he was in a lot of emotional pain because of what was going on. He said he knew now why he had come to this coffee shop. It was so that he would run into me. He was able to share his pain and get some support. He hadn’t really shared it with anyone. The only people that knew were the immediate people who had been affected. I am now so happy I could be there for him. He is one of the sweetest, giving, grounded, friendliest, kindest men I have met in my life and I felt honored and privileged to be there for him in a way I never thought I’d be given the opportunity to. It really is one of the things I do best. He left and I walked back in happy, filled, and in awe of God’s ability to put me in places that would bring me joy and be of service to others. It is one of the many benefits of practicing the “feeling better” work. Something good is always coming. After chatting with Tonya for a bit more I told her I was going to use the restroom and get back to writing. As I stood up to head to the restroom I looked in that direction and recognized a familiar face that I’d never seen in this part of town. I had been thinking of this friend a day or two ago. WHAT?! I stepped back and bent down to tell Tonya, I just spotted another friend. I walked over to her, I shall call her Kathy, and said, “excuse me do you know if they have Jasmine tea here?” she looked up at me and after a second a big smile appeared on her face as she said, “oh my god what are you doing here? I was going to text you about dinner soon”. We hugged and laughed at our running into each other. We agreed to make dinner plans soon. 

Life isn’t always jammed packed with amazing mind blowing moments, however, practicing the “feeling better” work is always beneficial in a variety of ways. What I do know, is if I hadn’t taken the time to be mindful and practice the tools of “feeling better” I wouldn’t have been in a higher vibration to allow in the wonderful experience of running into Dan and everything else that came about that day and for that I am deeply thankful. The great benefit of doing the “feeling better” work is that we get to enjoy life more and more. When we come to understand that our thoughts create our life experience and become mindful about what we’re going to give our attention to, it is priceless. No amount of action gives greater returns nor feels better than when we practice “feeling good/feeling better”.  

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