ask and it is given

Thank you shooting star

Recently, several nights in a row, I looked up into the dark sky searching for shooting stars. The first night I was determined to see one and as my husband and I finished our evening walk I suggested we sit in the back of his truck and watch for them. I sat there for a good 30 minutes with no luck. My husband was done after 10 minutes and went inside the house. Most every night after that I would stand out on our deck and look for one and think, “where are they? I’m not seeing any. Where are they?”

Then one evening as I stood out on our deck and gazed into the dark night I began appreciating our expansive view. I thanked the Universe for all the beauty that surrounded me. For all of the space, you see we have no houses behind us only a broad canyon view. The sky is wide open to us. It’s absolutely beautiful and I gave deep appreciation for it in that moment. I said, “thank you! You do know what I want and you continue to give it to me. Thank you!” Thank you for the moon and stars. Thank you for the spaciousness of our view. Thank you for the trees…My heart was full of appreciation for the abundance that I experience on a regular basis. Then I said, “thank you for the shooting star” and as soon as the thought was out, a shooting star shot across the sky before my eyes. It was beautiful! A huge grin came over my face and I was extremely pleased. I had gotten what I wanted. I had allowed in seeing a shooting star. I smiled with great delight. Spirit had reminded me again with this week long experience how to allow in what I want. Easily and with pleasure. Being thankful is one of the powerful tools in the art of allowing and once more I was gently and lovingly reminded. 

I hope you have a beautiful day and utilize the tool of appreciation today for whatever makes your heart sing.  

Shooting star

Shooting star