If you want to feel better, work smarter not harder, have more time to do what you love and create harmonious relationships and simply enjoy life more, than you have been lead to the right place. Power in Joy will teach you the art of feeling good. Many of us were told that life is hard; you have to work hard and sacrifice a lot and maybe then you will get what you want. That couldn't be further from the truth! Several years ago many people were introduced to the Law of Attraction, "The Universal power draws together like energies" and the Art of Feeling Good; how to live in the ease, love, flow and joy of life. At Power in Joy it is our greatest intention to teach you how to create whatever it is you want and how to have fun along the way. We offer a complimentary consultation so that you may see how Power in Joy may help you create a life you have longed for.

What if every morning, you woke up and... 

  • you KNEW it was going to be a great day! 
  • you were THRILLED to be alive and EXCITED about your whole day!
  • NOTHING was more important to you than feeling good!
  • you BELIEVED everything is always working out for you!
  • you SAW your life getting better and better and better! 
Your dream is my passion

Your dream is my passion