Meet Stephanie Orlina


Our deepest desires can come true...

Many years ago I found myself depressed. I saw an interview with Oprah interviewing Goldie Hawn. Golden Hawn is known for her bubbly, happy, positive personality. I remember thinking, I want to be like Goldie Hawn, happy and full of joy. Fast forward 14 years and I realized I was living the essence of Goldie Hawn's then bubbly, happy personality. WTBleep! How did that happen?! It is the direct result of the work I have been lead to and now coach clients with. I utilize a powerful coaching technique that assists clients in feeling good, having fun and getting the essence of everything they want. It is what catapults clients to receiving the greatest benefits in the shortest amount of time. 

Would you want to

* feel and look good from the inside out? (this is nature's natural face lift)

* have more fun?

* be in the flow of life and get what you want?

* feel, know and believe anything is possible for you? 

* feel a strong sense of self?

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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”
— Maya Angelou