Musician, Writer & Actor

"Working with Stephanie Orlina as my coach has completely changed my life. I could tell you about the "cash and prizes" that have flowed into my life since working with her -- having a brand-new car for the first time ever, doubling my annual income, watching many of my career goals as a musician coming to fruition, enjoying healthier and more harmonious relationships all-around. But honestly, the biggest gifts are the ones that have happened between my ears, and in my heart. I had been trying to kick my negative thinking habits for years before I worked with Stephanie, with little success. Today, I am thinking more positively, and feel much, much happier. Things that used to trigger my negative thinking and self-doubt now seem to roll off me, and don't break my stride at all. Working with Stephanie is without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made!"


Business owner

"Coaching with Stephanie has been an amazing experience. She has opened my heart to see opportunities I would have otherwise missed. I have been learning to enjoy life while manifesting abundance all around me. Since we started coaching I have had 2 new unexpected lucrative business opportunities come to me. I've also started having fun and enjoying the creative process and allowing things to manifest around me instead of trying to make them happen. Thank you Stephanie, I look forward to our next call."


Certified Classical Homeopath

"When I first came to see Stephanie, I felt like my life was working pretty well. I'd have my ups and downs but it was ok. As we began our work together and she introduced me to the idea of a better feeling thought, I realized how much better my life could be. I've been working with her for almost 2 years and the results have been amazing. I feel empowered, joyful and for the first time in my life I appreciate the power and importance of play and fun. She lives what she teaches which is so inspiring to me. I love her enthusiasm and genuine joy she feels when things manifest in my life (which they have). These ideas aren't hard but keeping connected with them is a challenge for my thinking. I love having her support and guidance as I open up to new ideas and ways of being. I'm even sharing her work with my kids which has made a huge difference in the energy of our household. She loves what she does and it feels great to be around someone who is living her joy. I have learned a new way of thinking about things, a softer way of being in the world. And things are definitely changing. I have more confidence and trust and things are manifesting in ways I never dreamed possible. I'm so grateful for all of her guidance and encouragement. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a richer, more joy filled way of life."